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Famous for its intense aroma, sweet flavor and light acidity, our Arabica coffee comes from the south of Minas Gerais Brazil.
It is grown in places with altitude between 600 meters and 2 thousand meters, being the ideal amount of rain for a perfect bean.
With unique characteristics, it is a coffee with a high standard of excellence. Therefore, the soil and the climate in which our Arabica coffee is grown, significantly influence the flavor of the beverage.

Special beans are preferred in the preparation of gourmet coffees. With unique characteristics, it is a coffee with a high standard of excellence.
All of our production units are properties family, where in addition to the artisanal form planting and harvesting, our producers adopt sustainable practices that promote consumption the preservation of natural resources, the elimination of polluting agents, the preservation of environment and social enhancement. and economic growth of workers.



Pearl coffee is synonymous with sweetness famous for its intense aroma, sweet flavor and mild acidity.

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Coffee that has an acrid, astringent and rough flavor, but does not strange tastes. Identifies a full-bodied and pleasant drink.

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It has a strong flavor characteristic of the Minas River. This cafe is part of the culture and tradition of many countries, particularly in Eastern Europe, Argentina and the Middle East.

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Process of how coffee reaches our customers

In properly nourished soil, the seed is applied 0.5 cm deep. At this stage of germination, the seed will need plenty of water and heat so that it leaves the period dormancy. Therefore, it is important that the soil is well moist and in a with sun and heat, until it sprouts.

Here the seedling has developed and is ready for planting.

The coffee tree grows best in places well lit by sunlight and with mild temperatures. The soil, on the other hand, must be moist, well drained and fertilized, so that plant develops properly. Ideally, the soil should have a minimum depth of 1 meter.

Here the seedling is in the process of growth.

The flowering of coffee is the result of a series of processes that take place in the plant and also interaction with environmental factors. In the leaf axils of the plagiotropic branches of the there are serial vegetative buds that, with the proper environmental stimulus, are evoked to become reproductive.

The right time to harvest the coffee is when the fruit is that is, they are in the cherry stage, which, in general, occurs seven months after flowering.

Natural drying is carried out by exposing coffee to the sun in terraces. Thus, some precautions during drying in the yard must be observed

In the drying process on a terrace, the coffee is dried by the action of sunlight. IT IS advisable, during the process, to work with homogeneous lots, considering both the harvesting season as well as the maturation stage or moisture content, to obtain of a uniform and good quality final product.

In the beneficiation stage, it is separated by type, quality, size and then packaged in large special bags for grains. Hence it must already be proven and distributed.

The Global Trade Coffee brand concept is in the association of quality coffee with the Gold. For both have characteristics that make them precious. And when they are worked with experiences and art they can be transformed into true treasures.

About Us

All of our production units are family properties, where in addition to the artisanal form of planting and harvesting, our producers adopt sustainable practices that promote consumption the preservation of natural resources, the elimination of polluting agents, environmental preservation and social enhancement. and growth economic development of workers.

Tradition and Quality

Coffee from Brazil

Much more than selling green arabica coffee beans, we take them to all continents the tradition and quality of Brazilian coffee. Global Trade Coffee operates in the export of coffee from “Gourmet” and “Commercial” lines in the Brazilian region, such as South from Minas. We offer the best coffee beans in Brazil, according to the preferences of our customers and their markets, such as washed coffees, natural and Rio minas.

Greater Potential

Arabica Coffee

Global Trade Coffee exports coffee beans of the species Coffea arabica L. The beans of this species have the greatest potential for drink quality among other species of the genus Coffea, as well as intense aroma and wide range of flavors. The arabica species it is the most cultivated on the planet and the most cultivated in Brazil. Originally from Ethiopia, coffee arabica found conditions of soil, climate, rain, humidity, etc. favorable in Brazil, a country leader in coffee production for over 150 years. Arabica coffee is grown mainly in the states of Minas Gerais (Sul de Minas), Espírito Santo Santo, São Paulo, Paraná and Bahia. In Brazil, the harvest occurs between the months of May and September, which may vary according to the region, Some examples of Coffea arabica L. varieties are: Bourbon, Geisha, Catucaí, Catuaí, Topaz, New World, Ruby etc.


That story that “if everyone does a little bit, big changes are achieved” is true. THE family farming, seen as that which occurs in small properties where the family lives the labor of cultivating the soil and “pulling out” the miracle of it of life in the form of vegetables, seeds, fruits, among others, is the proof of the thesis.

According to the agribusiness page of Banco do Brasil, family farming is important in this segment, being responsible for no less than 4.3 million production units. This is equivalent to 84% of rural establishments in Brazil and 33% of agricultural GDP, in addition to being responsible for 74% of the labor employed in the field.

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